Services can be provided in French and /or English

Target age group is 2 to 12 years (but can work with older children depending on abilities)

Programming is tailored to each child's needs. I have developed programs for children with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Behaviour Disorders (not otherwise specified), Learning Disabilities, Global Language Delays, Down Syndrome and Developmental Delays. 

OPTION #1 Sharing Resources

Providing a space and materials for you to educate your child.

Includes sharing books, curriculums, learning materials and a space designated for learning.

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OPTION #2 Sharing Programs

Providing educational programs for your special needs child.

Will help set up and maintain an effective program in your home using the approach that suits your child best.

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OPTION #3 Sharing information

Providing information on treatments available for Autism.

Including alternative and conventional methods used for educational needs, behavioural and health/dietary needs.

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