I have put together an eclectic collection of resources that I have found useful - and thought they may help out others as well. 


ReThink Autism hosts webcasts and offers a cost effective way to implement an Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) program in your home. You pay a monthly or yearly fee that gives you access to a plethora of resources. You are able to build an individualized program that includes video tutorials on how to teach your child/student each target. An online tracking system assists with the data recording demands that are required when running a successful IBI program. 

Here are a few links to free printable preschool and homeschooling worksheets:

Confessions of a homeschooler

Have Fun Teaching

Math Aids

Math Drills

Education World

Homeschool Mathematics


Autism Research Institute (ARI) is the go-to destination for the most recent advances in Biomedical treatments for Autism. Webinars and a seminar library are available free of charge to learn about the medical implications of Autism that may be affecting your child. There is an online checklist that helps monitor your child’s progress as you introduce new methods and treatments. Many of my son’s difficulties have been alleviated or have disappeared with the help of biomedical treatments.

Drew’s Autism Recovery Diary is a blog written by a mom of a child with Autism who documented her journey from before diagnosis to recovery. She no longer blogs but keeps her site up in order to reach out to other parents.  I have communicated with her on a couple of occasions and her story holds a beautiful outcome. 


Although the Gluten-Free/Casein-Free Diet (GF/CF) has received a lot of attention, other diets may assist even more.

Donna Gates is the pioneer of the Body Ecology Diet and her passion has helped many heal and alleviate gut issues. Diet change really means lifestyle change and is NOT easy but often worth it.  She is worth checking out. 


Relationship Development Intervention®  (RDI) is a parent-training program that promotes emotional and social connections. A trained RDI consultant works with the parents and guides them to teach the child how to respond to social cues and help develop a self-motivating desire to communicate. It builds self-awareness, problem solving and analytical skills in a natural environment. I wish I had begun this therapy earlier.

And here is the consultant that we have been working with Equinox Family Consulting.  She lives out of town however works with clients via Skype. She is knowledgeable, thorough and caring. We would recommend her services to anyone interested in RDI. 

iPad Consultant for Learning Disabilities and Autism. Annie Filion is a Francophone mother of three boys on the Autism Spectrum. Her expertise in Pad applications includes communication, education, games, social stories and so much more. She offers seminars as well as individual consultations. Here is the link to her Facebook page: 

 Société Franco-Ontarienne de L’Autisme (SFOA) offers social skills programs to the Ottawa area. These programs are given in a small group format and include Speech therapy and Occupational Therapy. EN FRANÇAIS.



* The list above is my opinion only and I do not receive endorsements of any kind. I simply wish to share information that may help others in their journey.*