Services: Sharing Programs

Sometimes the best place for your child to learn is in your own home. Other times transportation can be an issue. For those reasons, I also offer at-home services. I can come to you and help you set up a designated learning space in your home to best accommodate your family's lifestyle.

We will goal set during the initial assessment and put an academic program together. I will email most worksheets and activities (you may have to colour print often) and send you a lesson plan in advance. You may have to assemble or make some items on your own but will not require you to spend much money on materials.

We can have follow-up sessions as often as you would like to allow you to work at your own pace. It may be beneficial to have some of these sessions via video-conferencing so that I may demonstrate how to implement certain programs and/or materials. 

Initial assessment:

  • 175$ (2 hours)

Please email completed forms prior to the initial assessment. 

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  • 25$ for every 30 minutes