Services: Sharing Information

Over the years I have researched and tried many different treatments. Our personal approach to treating Autism is multi-disciplinary and many therapies fold into one another. Some things have worked very well and others not so well but that does not mean they may not work for another child. Our treatment protocol changes as the needs of our son and of our family change.

I would love to share information on many of the treatments we have tried and/or researched over the past few years. I have attended conferences and seminars that have enlightened me to different methods. I will also make some recommendations for certain treatments depending on the specific needs and goals that you share with me.

Please view the following list of topics that can be discussed:

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*I do not provide these treatments myself and do not receive endorsements of any kind from those who do.

I will provide information sheets on all methods that interest you following the consultation. 

Information session:

  • 75$ (1.5 hrs)

Please email completed form prior to the consultation. It is not required that your child attend the consultation. 

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