Services: Sharing Resources

I have dedicated my basement as a "school room" that serves as an excellent work space for children with learning difficulties. I have an abundance of learning materials, educational toys and tools. I have sensory aids such as a mini-trampoline, a large exercise ball, a weighted lap lizard, a "cocoon" chair and dimming lights.

After our initial assessment and program development session, I will help you set-up each learning session, assist you throughout as needed and guide you through the next steps as your child progresses. Homework is encouraged and can be incorporated into the program (may have additional costs). 

  • Initial assessment: 175$ (2 hours)

Please fill out the forms and bring to the assessment. The child is not required to be present during the initial assessment. 

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Session Fees:                                

  • 1.5 hours: 35$ (1 hr teaching, 30 mins programming support)
  • 3 hours: 60$ (2 hrs teaching, 1 hr programming support)