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Hello fellow educators and parents! 

Following my previous post on looking for budget friendly educational materials, I have decided to GIVE AWAY a free math activity that I created. It is an activity that promotes counting and the spelling of the numbers one to ten- EN FRANÇAIS! This is great not only for kids in the French system but also for immersion students. 

Here is a look at the activity:

* Reading the word and matching it to the amount of "Minion Batmans". 

Now, I will show you how you can take ONE activity and expand it into FIVE!!

#2. This is to practice spelling the number words. The words are colour coded to make it easier to find the letters when they are mixed together.

#3. Here you can add an element by finding the numerical digit to match the amount and the word. I used number stars from our calendar but you can use anything. Even write the numbers on a scrap piece of paper and rip into squares.....

#4. This is to practice counting out the amounts from a larger group.  The student or yourself can spell the number-word and then the student counts out the right amount from a pile/basket of items. I used rocks but you can use whatever might motivate the student- including food or candy!

#5. And this is for students that may be having difficulty. You can write in the letters with a dry-erase marker and they can match the letters OR they can practice their printing skills by writing in the letters themselves. 

The placement of the shapes follow the Numicon method that I wrote about in this post about making Math fun.

I laminated the prints for easier use and greater durability. You can also add velcro for students with fine motor and visual/spatial difficulties. 

I hope you enjoy! If you have requests for other activities that are difficult to find, particularly in French, then please send a message my way. 

Download PDF Math dictée

Keep having fun :) 

Hope and happiness, 


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