Parents, are you tired of yelling?

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I viewed this webinar a few months ago and found it to be good reminder of what we need to keep in mind during those stressful times of the day. You know what times I am referring to - when it seems easier to just yell instead of taking that deep breath and dealing with the situation. Amy McCready is down to earth and discusses parenting strategies in a non-judgemental way. Although it is not designed specifically for children with special needs, the tips can be tweaked for your circumstances. 


Free Webinar: Get Your Kids to Listen WITHOUT Nagging, YELLING, or Reminding!

Feeling guilty about YELLING all the time? As a busy parent, your time with your children is a precious commodity. You don't want to spend that time scolding or stressing.

In this powerfully positive session, parenting expert Amy McCready explains why time-out, punishment and “Because I said so” backfire with today’s kids and what savvy parents are doing instead.

Discover the 5 R’s of CONSEQUENCES every parent needs to know to ensure the quality time you spend with your kids is happier, healthier, and yell-free!

THURSDAY, November 13 at 1 PM or 9 PM Eastern (New York City time)
(Friday November 14 at 5 AM or 1 PM AEDT (Sydney)

To learn more or to sign up visit here.

Not only children need reminders to use their "indoor voice"!!! 


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